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Stop-Lite Unveils New Logo and Focus on B2B Sales Strategy

Stop-Lite unveils new logo, emphasizing B2B focus & safety solutions. Red & black colors remain to catch attention, serving diverse industries.

LED Safety Product Company New Logo

Chicago, IL – July 2, 2024 –Stop-Lite, a leader in safety solutions, proudly unveils its new logo, representing a strategic shift towards enhanced business-to-business (B2B) sales. This significant change highlights their company’s commitment to professionalism and innovation and intends to represent their initiative in making safety an effortless choice for their clients.

Their branding colors of red and black remain the same, noted Kendall Duwal, Marketing Manager. "These colors catch your attention, much like our products aim to catch the attention of drivers near schools or in construction zones.”

"Our new logo and strategic focus emphasize our promise and aspiration to become the preferred supplier for businesses seeking top-notch safety solutions." - Chris Haak, General Manager

For those unfamiliar with Stop-Lite, the company specializes in LED Traffic Safety solutions including products such as LED handheld paddles, vests, solar signs and more. Their products are tailored to various industries from transportation & logistics to school zones, and emergency services.

“At Stop-Lite, safety is an easy decision,” said Chris Haak, General Manager. “After nearly ten years serving the traffic safety market, our new logo and strategic focus emphasize our promise and aspiration to become the preferred supplier for businesses seeking top-notch safety solutions. We are dedicated to making the procurement process smooth and efficient, ensuring that safety and ease go hand in hand.”

Stop-Lite is committed to offering competitive profit margins for distributors, a cornerstone of their new emphasis on B2B sales. This strategic shift aims to bolster distributor relationships, expand their product line, and facilitate seamless access to their comprehensive range of safety solutions. As they continue to grow, Stop-Lite is dedicated to welcoming new distributors and enhancing existing relationships, ensuring safety remains at the forefront of what they do. Their commitment to trust, transparency, and reliability underscores every interaction with their partners.

“As Stop-Lite emphasizes its focus on B2B sales, I’m thrilled to transition into the role of Sales Manager. Our commitment to developing strong relationships with our distributors is key, and I look forward to further driving that mission,” said McKenna Kopras, the new Sales Manager at Stop-Lite.

This complete refresh highlights their commitment to meeting the unique needs of their clients, offering tailored solutions that enhance workplace safety and productivity.

They invite their clients and partners to explore their updated branding, now with a fresh, professional look. For more information about the company go to their website at

About Stop-Lite:

Stop-Lite is a leading provider of LED Traffic Safety solutions, offering a comprehensive range of products designed to enhance visibility and safety for various industries, including education, construction, transportation, and emergency services. Headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, Stop-Lite is ISO 9001:2015 certified. For more information visit,


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