Stop-Lite strives to create products that will help keep you seen and safe by increasing visibility. We develop and manufacture high visibility LED products for the traffic safety industry, such as our lightweight LED hand-held paddles. LED vests, road flares, and mounted LED solar signs.


We were founded in 2006 with our first patented LED hand-held stop sign. We then expanded business in 2015 by becoming a part of Avondale Innovative Products (AIP), a Chicago-based company focused on bringing new technology to the traffic safety industry. Designed to be used across multiple industries, our products keep crossing guards, construction workers, police officers, firefighters, and more safe on the job.

About Us

Be seen,

Be safe

Using bright, high-efficiency LEDs, our products are designed to easily maximize visibility in all weather and conditions, keeping both users and traffic safe.

Our products are engineered to be durable and each one gets tested to ensure this. We demonstrate our confidence by giving a 1 year warranty for all of our products.

We are constantly working to bring new, cutting-edge products to the market. If you need a customized item, we are ready to work with you to create it.




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