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Stay safe and visible while jogging with our LED Jogging Vest. Featuring 8 red LEDs (4 on the front and 4 on the back), this vest ensures that you are easily seen by others, day or night. With 3 lighting modes (on, flash, and fast flash), you can choose the option that best suits your outdoor activities. Additionally, the adjustable reflective straps make it easy to customize the fit for a comfortable and secure feel. Whether you're running in low-light conditions or busy urban areas, our LED Jogging Vest provides the visibility and safety you need to enjoy your workout with peace of mind.

LED Jogging Vest

    1. Always disconnect and/or remove the battery before washing.
    2. Wash the vest separately in cold water on a gentle cycle, using neutral or powder detergent. Avoid using bleach.
    3. Hang the vest to dry. Do not use heat or iron.
    4. Do not dry clean the vest.
    5. Maximum recommended number of washes is 20 times.
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