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Below are some of our most frequently asked questions. If you still have questions please contact us using the form on the page below. 

  • How to become a Stop-Lite Distributor?
    Visit our "Become a Distributor" Page which can be easily located in the red navigation bar and fill out the form or contact for further information.
  • Do Stop-Lite products come with a warranty?
    Yes, every Stop-Lite product comes with a 1 year warranty which does not cover cosmetic damage. If you are unsure if your product damage qualifies, call our office at (224) 803-2224
  • Can you put my logo on the back of the vests?
    Yes, we can customize our vests and hand-held paddles with different colors and language, and words.
  • What is the automatic tilt lighting functionality?
    All of our 12" & 18" LED handheld safety paddles are equipped with our automatic tilt lighting feature which turns off the lights when the paddle is placed down by the waist, and re-illuminates them when the paddle is raised. Our paddles utilize a ball-switch mechanism for intuitive on/off functionality. When the paddle is raised, the internal ball-switch moves into a position that completes an electrical circuit, activating the device. Conversely, when the paddle is lowered, the ball-switch shifts, breaking the circuit and deactivating the device. This mechanism offers a seamless, battery optimizing way to control the operation of our paddles, making it convenient for users to engage or disengage them with a simple motion.
  • Can I wash my Stop-Lite LED Vest?
    Yes, you can machine wash the vest (separated from the battery) on a gentle cycle. Hang it up to dry and do not wash it more than 20 times total. Do not iron, bleach, dry clean, or machine dry the vest. You can find vest care instructions in the images of each of our vest listings or see below: .

Frequently Asked Questions

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